Monday, January 7, 2013

Removing Sprint Proxy Servers on the Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G

How to remove Sprint proxy servers on the Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G

  1. Root your phone (QBKing77, opens in a new window)
  2. Download alogcat from marketplace
  3. Open alogcat
  4. Press menu > filter 
  5. Type in MSL
  6. Press the home key then dial ##data#. 
  7. Click Edit
  8. When asked to enter MSL just enter random numbers and press okay. 
  9. Now go back to alogcat it should be there and look something like this:

    I/MSL_Checker( 220): MSL result : ******

    The number (*****) is your MSL. For some reason when you enter the wrong msl it gives you the right one when looking at the logs with alogcat.
  10. Press home key then dial ##data#
  11. Click Edit
  12. Enter MSL and press okay
  13. Click on Others
  14. Click on Multimedia
  15. Change the following settings to:
    1. RTSP Proxy Address changed to
    2. RTSP Proxy Port to 0
    3. HTTPPD Proxy Address to
    4. HTTPPD Proxy Port to 0

For posterity, stock settings are:
    1. RTSP Proxy Address:
    2. RTSP Proxy Port: 554
    3. HTTPPD Proxy Address:
    4. HTTPPD Proxy Port: 8085

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