Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Java Webstart: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine

Problem: Java can't allocate enough contiguous memory as specified in the JNLP.

Work around: Lower the max memory setting in the JNLP, or use a 64-bit JVM that allows for more memory availability. If you have total control over the client, close running processes.

Synopsis: Researched the hell out of this, and the problem is ridiculous. On a machine with 16G of memory, and who knows how much virtual memory on top of that, the most I can set my max memory is 900M. Otherwise I intermittently get this error when launching from my JNLP.

The problem is that Java needs contiguous memory for the JVM, and because windows throws DLLs and apps in memory all over the place, the more you have running, the harder it is to get that block of contiguous memory.

Java has no guidelines for 'max memory' settings; it's all dependent on the app, the machine, and the version of java.

Keyword tags: -Xmx, max heap size, jnlp, java, web start, Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine

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