Friday, October 11, 2013

Just a wireless fire

TL;DR: unplug your car charger if your car outlet is 'always on'.

So my lovely wife is on her way to take her physics board exams this morning, a pretty high-stress affair. About 3 miles from our house, smoke starts pouring out of the wireless charger that's plugged into the cigarette lighter port of the car. She panics; the car stops on a blind curve. A good Samaritan helps her get the car started again and move it out of the road after more than a few cars slam on their brakes to avoid smashing into her.

Turns out the problem was the automobile phone charger.. in particular, the problem is the melting circuitry in the charger itself, that I discovered when I took the thing apart.

 I'm scared to think what would've happened if the fire started while the car was unattended, or even worse, plugged into a socket in the rear of the car.

I contacted the manufacturer who was apologetic, and offered a top-of-the-line replacement. They said they had not received any complaints about this model before. 

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