Tuesday, October 20, 2009

DirecTV are still crooks

Latest updates on my fight against DirecTV:
  • I paid the $210 bill to protect my credit
  • I filed a complaint with the BBB, and got a response back from DirecTV where they called me a liar. I rebutted with "No, you're a liar, and a poopy-head" and we got into a slap fight. I'm still waiting to see their response to my rebuttal.
  • I filed a complaint with the Virginia Department of Consumer Affairs.
  • I called the Office of the President after they emailed me and lied, saying that they attempted to call me and couldn't reach me. (Nothing on my caller id on any of my telephones, no messages, so I think it's safe to assume they lied) They basically called me a liar and said I owed the $210 because their records showed I canceled.
  • I sent notification to DirecTV that I was pursuing arbitration as soon as contractually allowable.
  • I relish in the thought that even if I lose at arbitration, I've called them more than 13 times and sent multiple letters. Assuming that each all costs them about $7.50, that's about $100. Arbitration will cost me about $50 and them about $750.00. If only I could have them shut down. I resent the fact that they continue to cost me money and time for their own mistakes and incompetence.
No, really. Could you tell?

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